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Legendarium TV Recap: The Originals (Season 4, Episode 1)


The Originals- Season 4, Episode 1- Gather Up the Killers

It’s been five years since Marcel took control of New Orleans from Klaus. The witches covens and the vampires live peaceful in the city. They work together to deal with outside vampire threats that would seek to cause chaos. Most visitors to the city behave themselves but some do not. Marcel is keeping Klaus prisoner in “The Garden”. Elijah and the others are still in a deep sleep. Hayley has spent the five years raising Hope while looking for a cure to wake the Mikaelsons up.

She has found all the ingredients but one. The ingredients contain venom from the seven wolf packs. Mary has found a lead to the last remaining member of the seventh pack. Hayley gets her to stay with Hope while she goes in search of the person. She finds them only to be hunted by vampires sent to kill her and Hope. They work for a vampire named Alistair Duquesne. He wants to eliminate all of the Mikaelsons and that includes Hayley and Hope. Klaus convinces Marcel to let him deal with Alstair. Marcel agrees but gets Vincent to set up a boundary spell to keep Klaus from being able to escape.

Hayley gets the final ingredient from the person. She is able to wake Freya up. Freya proceeds to cast a spell that will hopefully wake her family up. It works and Elijah helps Hayley deal with the remaining vampires that have come after her. Alistair is dealt with along with a few other vampires. Marcel makes a statement as to why he keeps Klaus alive.

There is graffiti showing up all over New Orleans. Sofya tells Marcel it looks like they have some rogue witch covens to deal with based on the graffiti. Marcel tells Vincent he better keep the covens in line or else. Hope has been drawing the graffiti because she has been having dreams and apparently is seeing the symbols that are showing up everywhere.

Elijah and Hayley talk about things. Elijah agrees they need to free Klaus.

Coming up…

Next week’s episode the Mikaelsons head to New Orleans to deal with Marcel and free Klaus.

The Originals airs Friday nights on The CW. You can check out the latest episodes here:


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