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Legendarium TV Recap: Grimm (Season 6, Episode 11)

Grimm – Season 6 Episode 11 – Where the Wild Things Were

Eve has gone through the mirror to the other world. Rosalee and Monroe find out when they get home and see the blood on the uncovered mirror. They also see the book she used open on the table. Rosalee calls Nick and tells him what happened. He and Adalind rush over to their house. He brings the stick that he and Monroe found with him. When they get there they discuss what can be done to get Eve back. Adalind gets the book and finds the spell that Eve used to cross through. She and Nick argue about him attempting to cross through because only a hexenbiest can use their blood and cross through. That he most likely wouldn’t be able to go.

Eve has discovered a land where Wesen beasts are killing each other and basically run wild. When they are killed they don’t go back to their human form. She takes off to look for the skull monster. The monster is a Zeströrer, but Satan would be the term used by humans.

They try to figure out another way to open the portal and go through. Adalind wants to use her blood but Nick is adamant that she not try it. Rosalee agrees with him because Adalind has two children to think about. Nick grabs the stick and holds it against the mirror. The portal opens and he looks at the others. Monroe tries to go with him but Rosalee stops him and so does Nick. Nick steps through the mirror and wakes up on the other side.

When Nick steps through the mirror the stick falls to the floor. Monroe uses the cloth to pick it up. He, Rosalee, and Adalind start discussing ways to try and get Nick and Eve back and to defeat the monster. Adalind fills them in on the fact that Renard knows about the symbols and the tunnel. She thinks he might help them if they let him see the tunnel because he has a friend who has told some things already about the symbols. He might contact the friend and share what he knows if they do. Hank and Wu don’t like the idea of Renard being there and don’t think he will help them.

Renard shows up and sees the tunnel. He shares what he knows from his friend. He contacts her and she gives them more information about the monster and how Diana is tied to what is going on. She maybe a Shaphat(child bride). That is why the monster is coming to their dimension. He is looking for his bride and Diana is the one he is coming for. Renard says that won’t happen. The friend does not know of a way to kill the monster. She just tells them to prepare the best they can.

Coming up…

Next week’s episode the group returns to the place where it all started. They take Diana and Kelly and go to the cabin. The monster crosses through the mirror.

Grimm airs Friday nights on NBC. You can check out the latest episodes here:


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