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Legendarium TV Recap: Supernatural (Season 12, Episode 15)

Supernatural- Season 12 Episode 15- Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

A rogue hellhound kills a young man and goes after his girlfriend Gwen. Sam admits to Dean that he has been getting their cases from Mick the last few weeks. There are references to Lord of The Rings,Negan,and The Walking Dead as well. Mick’s codename on Sam’s phone is Frodo. Dean makes a comment about how their dad loved the bat he carrying that was wrapped in wire.

They investigate the hellhound case. After they find out that neither Gwen nor her boyfriend made a deal they call Crowley for help in dealing with it. Crowley tells them it’s Ramsey and she will only answer to Lucifer and no one else. Crowley fills them in on Ramsey and how she is the hellhound. Lucifer rescued her before she could be killed. While he is helping the Winchesters two demons who work for him find Lucifer and release him. Once free he turns them to dust. Sam kills Ramsey after she attacks him and Gwen when they start to get out of the Impala. Dean is not happy because during the fight with Ramsey the windshield is busted. When Crowley returns Lucifer tries to spread his wings and hurt Crowley only to find out that the chains were in Crowley’s words decor and the real prison is Nick’s body. Crowley had runes carved and spells cast on the body to make sure Lucifer would not be able to use his powers.

Kelvin one of the angels makes contact with Castiel and gives him a story about how if he helps the other angels deal with Kelly that he will be welcomed back to heaven. He tells Castiel that Joshua is back and can make it easier on Castiel to be welcomed back but he has to help them before it will happen. Castiel does not seem to trust Kelvin but agrees to work with him and the other angels to find Kelly Kline and deal with her. The end of the episode Dean agrees with Sam about working with the British Men of Letters and he still does not trust them though and Castiel prepares to return to heaven with Kelvin.

Coming up…

There is a two week hiatus starting next week. The show returns March 30th with an appearance by Claire Novak who is working the same case as Sam and Dean. Mick tags along with the boys.

Supernatural airs Thursday nights on The CW, and you can check out the latest episodes here:


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