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Legendarium TV Recap: Supernatural (Season 12, Episode 13)

Supernatural- Season 12 Episode 13- Family Feud

Sam and Dean work a case where a ghost from a merchant might be responsible for a murder at a museum. It was the same ship Crowley’s son was supposed to be on. Sam and Dean search for Crowley’s son Gavin. They contact Crowley first for help finding Gavin. He refuses and they call Rowena to help them. Gavin agrees to help them by telling them everything he can about the ship and passengers. He never got on the ship because of Abaddon.

Gavin tells them about the locket and his girlfriend Fiona who had begged him to take her with him. He thinks she must have snuck onto the ship after she realized he was gone. Gavin is able to talk with Fiona and finds out what happened to her on the ship. He agrees the best way to stop her would be to go back to his time and protect her. Crowley tries to stop him from doing it. He goes back and history is set right again. Crowley confronts Rowena about helping Gavin to return to his time.

Two angels try to kill Kelly Kline because she carries Lucifer’s child. A demon saves her. That demon happens to be Dagon the princess of hell. She fills Kelly in on exactly what she has gotten herself into.

Mary lies to Dean when he calls her. Mr. Ketch is standing near her at the time. She still has not told them about working with British Men of Letters. Mr. Ketch and Mary have a talk about Sam and Dean. Mary shows up at the bunker and comes clean about working with the British Men of Letters. They are not happy.

Crowley and Lucifer have an interesting conversation about the cage, Sam, Dean, and the child that Kelly is carrying.

Coming up…

Next week’s episode Mary and the British Men of Letters try to deal with a nest of vampires and the Alpha vampire turns the tables on them.

Supernatural airs Thursday nights on The CW, and you can check out the latest episodes here:


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