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Legendarium TV Recap: Grimm (Season 6, Episode 7)

Grimm- Season 6, Episode 7- Blind Love

Eve touches the bathroom mirror in Nick’s loft and a portal opens up. A skull appears in the opening. She yells for Nick and they both stare at the skull before it disappears. They talk about what it might mean.

Then the group goes away for the weekend to celebrate Monroe’s birthday. They run into a bit of trouble when a Wesen with a vendetta against Nick spots them. Nick had arrested his father years ago and put him in prison. Randy (Wesen) casts a spell on the group that makes them turn against each other. The curse causes them to profess their love for someone else in the group that they are not in love with. If the love is rejected the person will kill themselves.

Nick tells Rosalee he loves her. Monroe falls in love with Eve. Adalind falls in love with Monroe. Wu falls in love with a server at the hotel restaurant. Hank falls in love with himself.

Rosalee is the only one not affected by the curse because it involved alcohol and she is not drinking because of being pregnant. She figures out what has happened when everyone is throwing punches at each other.

Then, she chases down Randy and threatens him to reverse the curse, but he will not do it. He takes the girl Wu is in love hostage. Wu pushes him over a cliff and he dies. The curse is broken and everyone feels a little awkward around each other.

Diana is spending time with Renard when she is kidnapped. A cop that is a Wesen took her in hopes of using her to get even with Renard and make him promote him to a higher rank at the station, but Renard tells him no.

When Renard finally shows up at the hideout, Diana has been having fun throwing the cop around the room. The cop did not realize until it was too late, how powerful Diana is and can take care of herself against people like him.

Coming Up…

Next week’s episode Eve lands in the hospital after a hand reaches through a mirror and tries to choke her. She warns Nick that time is running out.

Grimm airs Friday nights on NBC. You can check out the latest episodes here:


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