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Legendarium TV Recap: Grimm (Season 6, Episode 6)

Grimm- Season 6, Episode 6- Breakfast in Bed

Nick, Eve, Monroe, and Rosalee discuss the drawings that Eve made in the tunnel. Hank and Nick track a suspect in a murder to his residence. The suspect screams at Nick and Hank that he cannot let them in because if he does it will get him. They are able to take him into custody.

Renard receives a visit from a member of Black Claw to discuss what happened the night Bonaparte died. Renard refuses to have anything else to do with Black Claw.

The suspect Dan Wells has a meltdown while in the interrogation room with Nick and Hank. He keeps seeing the monster’s face while being asked questions. Nick figures the reason he is having a meltdown is that he has encountered a Wesen for the first time and cannot deal with it.

Monroe believes some of the symbols could be part of an ancient Sumerian calendar. Nick and Hank ask Monroe and Rosalee about what kind of monster the Wesen could be. They tell him it invades dreams and the person becomes too scared to go to sleep and dies. Eve and Rosalee figure out that the symbols are part of a calendar that predicts a future event.

Meisner warns Renard about two men waiting outside for him to kill him. Renard is able to kill them first thanks to his warning.  Meisner tells him he picked the right side this time.

Nick and Hank start investigating the people who live in the same building as Dan Wells. They target their investigation toward the old man that lives there to be the Wesen. One of the other tenants dies after being attacked by the monster.  Nick and Hank get Monroe to agree to help them trap the monster.  The monster winds up dead.

Coming up…

Next week’s episode sees Nick and the others turning against each other and something or someone could be causing it to happen.

Grimm airs Friday nights on NBC. You can check out the latest episodes here:


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