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Legendarium TV Recap: Grimm (Season 6, Episode 5)

Grimm- Season 6, Episode 5- The Seven Year Itch

Nick and Hank deal with a case where the Wesen only rises for one day every seven years to find victims.  The Wesen is a human size Cicada looking creature.

Monroe and Rosalee find out at a doctor’s appointment what Diana meant when she told them there was more than one baby: they are having triplets.

Meanwhile, Eve is in the tunnel under Nick’s loft. Diana informs Adalind that she is down there, and Adalind helps her back up to the loft. Also, Eve has the symbols she has drawn all over the walls of the tunnel on her hands. She becomes ill after being in the tunnel for so long.

Renard seeks help to find out if Meisner is real or not.  He goes to a pawnshop owned by a man named Steiger, who agrees to help him for a price. Steiger tells Renard to step into the aspirateur despirt — a spirit vacuum — that will pull out any spirits attached to him. When Renard comes to he is in the now empty shop and Meisner tells him a mind is a terrible thing to lose.

Nick, Hank, and Wu confront the Wesen and before they can subdue him the woman he attacked turns into a Wesen and bites his head off.

Coming Up…

Next week’s episode Nick, Hank, and Wu answer a call to a local hotel where a murder has happened, which leads them to a guest who claims the hotel is haunted by a nightmarish creature.

Grimm airs Friday nights on NBC. You can check out the latest episodes here:


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