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Legendarium TV Recap: Supernatural (Season 12, Episode 10)

Supernatural- Season 12 Episode 10- Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets

Sam and Dean have to save Castiel from a woman bent on killing angels. She seeks revenge against the angels that killed her family. Lily Sunder has some issues and is not a normal human. She was married to an angel in 1901. A band of angels arrived on earth to kill him for marrying a human because it was against their laws.

Dean and Sam question Castiel and Ishim. Castiel tells them the story about Lily’s family. Ishim tells them she made a pact with a demon to stay alive all this time. Which is not true.

Dean and Sam go to track her down.  She tells them a different account of what happened that day to her family.  Dean leaves Sam with her while he goes back to talk to Castiel and Ishim. She tells Sam that there is no pact that she has studied the angels for a long time and has learned to use power like they do to fight and heal.

Lily is forced to let Castiel live. He tells her he is sorry for what happened and tells her if she cannot forgive him he will be waiting. She nods her head in agreement and leaves.

Dean and Sam ask Castiel what his plan is when he finds the woman pregnant with Lucifer’s child.

Coming up…

Next week’s episode a family of witches cast a spell that erases Dean’s memory. Sam seeks Rowena’s help to reverse the spell before it is too late.

Supernatural airs Thursday nights on The CW, and you can check out the latest episodes here:


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