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Legendarium TV Recap: Supernatural (Season 12, Episode 6)


Supernatural- Season 12 Episode 6- Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox

Sam and Dean deal with a crossroads demon that starts killing hunters one by one at a gathering to celebrate the life of another hunter that died.

They find out about Asa Fox’s death while visiting Jody Mills. She and Asa were friends. They go with her to pay their respects. Mary shows up because she had saved Asa when he was a young boy. His mother lashes out at her at first because she blames her for Asa becoming a hunter. Jody meets Mary. Dean steps outside to get some air instead of explaining things to Jody. He is locked out of the house and Billie the reaper makes her presence known. She explains to him that he is not getting back into the house without her help. He demands that she help him. She tells him if she does, he will owe her. He agrees. She sends back into the house.

The demon begins possessing different people at the gathering including Jody. While possessed she tries to make Sam and Dean believe Mary is possessed. They do not believe her. Sam realizes she is the one possessed. Two hunters are killed before they are able to start an exorcism to send the demon back to hell. The demon confronts one hunter in particular and makes him confess that he killed Asa.

At the end of the episode, Billie offers Mary a one-way ticket to heaven because she knows Mary does not belong on earth. After finding out what would have to happen Mary tells her no, which makes Dean and Sam happy. The three of them leave together.

Coming up…

The next episode will air December 1st.  In that episode Sam and Dean finally confront Lucifer along with Castiel and Crowley.

Supernatural airs Thursday nights on The CW, and you can check out the latest episodes here:


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