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Legendarium TV Recap: Supernatural (Season 12, Episode 4)

Legendarium TV Recap photo from Supernatural

Supernatural- Season 12 Episode 4- American Nightmare

Sam and Dean are investigating a case that leads them to a devout religious family living off the grid. They are hiding a big secret that could kill them all. Dean calls Cas about the case and finds out he and Crowley are working together to find Lucifer. He rules out that it is a rogue angel. Cas tells him that Rowena sent Lucifer to the bottom of the ocean.

Sam and Dean argue over who they think is the big bad in the case, and then Dean leaves to confront the person he says it is. Meanwhile, Sam stays behind to investigate on his own. He finds out that the daughter in the case believed dead is still alive and locked in a room in the house. She is a psychic and her mother has everyone convinced she is the devil, but the daughter was reaching out and killed the two victims. Eventually, the boys save her and the mother is arrested. Sam talks to the daughter and tells her that there are other people in the world like her.

Later, Dean is trying to accept Mary’s decision to leave. Sam talks to him about it, and after they talk Dean reaches out to their mom via a text message. She responds and it seems to help him deal with it on some level.

The British Men of Letters mysterious agent makes another appearance toward the end of episode. His name is Mr. Ketch, and he seems to be a hired assassin for the British Men of Letters.

Coming up…

In next week’s episode, Dean and Sam investigate a case involving a cursed object that might be holding Hitler’s soul.

Supernatural airs Thursday nights on The CW, and you can check out the latest episodes here:


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