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Legendarium TV Recap: Supernatural (Season 12, Episode 1)


Supernatural- S12 Episode 1- Keep Calm and Carry On

Mary Winchester is back. Sam is missing and the British Men of Letters are responsible. Castiel and Sam think Dean is dead. Crowley is on the hunt for Lucifer, while Lucifer is leaving behind a trail of bodies in search of a vessel.

Meanwhile, Mary is dealing with the fact that she has been gone for over thirty years and her sons are grown. She also discovers that John was a hunter and raised them to be hunters. Additionally, she learns angels are real and meets Castiel. Having her back lends an interesting dynamic to the show–the fact that her sons are grown and she does not know them because the last time she saw them Dean was four years old and Sam was six months old. It is going to be interesting to see how everything unfolds this season for her and the boys.

Dean and Mary head back to the bunker and find blood on the floor. Castiel reappears and tells them what happened.  They then search for Sam who is being held by Toni and her co-workers (British Men of Letters).  Toni tells Sam he can leave after he answers her questions. He refuses and is tortured.  Dean finally talks to Toni and threatens her. They get a break with a possible location after Toni sends Ms. Watt after Dean. Ms. Watt is killed by Mary and they head to the location that Dean found.

Also, Crowley follows demons working for Lucifer by discarding the bodies he has left behind jumping from vessel to vessel to find the right one. He kills one of them and figures out who the next vessel is and tracks him down but it is too late. Will he catch up with Lucifer before another vessel falls and he moves on?

Coming up…

Next week’s episode will have an appearance by Lucifer in his new vessel. They find Sam and deal with Toni.

Supernatural airs Thursday nights on The CW. You can check out the latest episodes here:


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