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Legendarium TV Recap: Arrow, Supernatural

****Spoiler Alert****


Arrow: Episode- Schism

Tonight was the season finale and it was action packed. Darhk confronts Felicity and takes the laptop she used to make Rubicon go off line. The team tracks the laptop via gps and find the tracker but not the laptop. Darhk has already launched the nukes and they are running out of time. H.I.V.E. attacks the team in their home base. Malcolm helps them get rid of the attackers. Oliver tries to stop the people of Star City from panicking. Felicity and Curtis are able to stop the nuke headed for Star City. Oliver goes after Darhk in what everyone hopes will be a final showdown. Darhk’s reign of terror is over. It seems the team is splitting up. Thea and Diggle leave the team. Lance and Felicity’s mom leave town. Oliver becomes mayor of Star City after everything is done. Felicity stands by him. All of this leads one to wonder if Team Arrow is done for good as well. We’ll find out next season.

Legendarium TV Recap photo from Supernatural

Supernatural: Episode- Alpha and Omega

Season finale was tonight. Sam and Dean check on Castiel and Chuck. They find out Castiel no longer is sharing his vessel with Lucifer thanks to Amara. Chuck is dying because of Amara and the confrontation they had in the previous episode. Sam gets upset with Chuck, Rowena, and Crowley because they are drinking and not trying to come up with a plan to stop Amara. Sam has an idea and that is to kill Amara one way or another. They listen to Cas, Rowena, Crowley, and Chuck about a possible plan. That plan is to harvest souls and make a bomb. Sam and Dean start collecting souls by going after ghosts. The new reaper Billie helps them by harnessing even more souls for them to use. Dean convinces Amara that Chuck doesn’t want her dead. She and Chuck talk and decide to leave to finish working out their problems. She rewards Dean for bringing her and Chuck back together. A new Men of Letters character is introduced and she’s been ordered by the elders of MOL to bring Sam and Dean in. She and Sam have a confrontation after she makes Castiel disappear. She shoots him and the same time Dean is wondering around a wooded area trying to get a signal on his phone and hears someone yell for help. He goes to find out who it is and see what’s wrong. Amara rewarded him by bringing Mary Winchester back. Is Sam dead or just wounded? Is Mary back to stay? Dean’s reaction won’t be good when he finds out about Sam. We’ll find out next season.


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