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Legendarium TV Recap: The Originals, Grimm


The Originals-Episode: The Devil Comes Here and Sighs

Klaus is held hostage by Aurora, Finn, and another unlikely person. Aurora wants revenge for what Klaus did to her and the others just want Klaus gone. Cami and Hayley work together to free Klaus. Elijah and Freya are busy dealing with someone who has power like they’ve never dealt with before. Vincent tells Kol the ancestors are behind what is happening to him. He advises Kol to leave town because if he doesn’t it will only end badly for him and Davina.


Grimm-Episode: Inugami

Nick and Hank are investigating disappearances of local teens. Rosalee and Monroe help with background information on the Wesen and it leads them to a Japanese Wesen who is taking the teens for revenge. They are able to stop the Wesen before anymore teens disappear.  Eve confronts Adalind about her relationship with Nick and threatens Adalind that if she hurts Nick she’ll have her to deal with and it won’t end well. Renard receives a surprise at the end of the episode. Rachel has Diana with her.


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