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Legendarium TV Recap: Arrow, Supernatural, The Originals, and Grimm


Arrow Episode: Eleven-Fifty-Nine

The truth about Andy and his loyalty to Damien Darhk comes to light. It’s not surprising considering Damien Darhk and H.I.V.E. controlled him for so long. Laurel receives a job offer from the new mayor that she’s determined to turn down. Malcolm devises a plan to break Darhk out of prison and the team gets caught trying to stop it. The consequence of getting caught results in the team losing a member. Will the loss of Laurel/Black Canary bring the team back together after all the fighting they’ve done during the season? I believe it’ll bring them back together because they’ll want to hunt down her killer and destroy him once and for all.


Supernatural Episode: Hell’s Angel

Rowena is alive and working with Amara. At least that’s how she wants it to look. Amara’s not buying it she knows Rowena is trying to manipulate her. Crowley isn’t acting his usual self. He might be trying to stay under the radar in dealing with demons and Lucifer but it’s still not like him. Castiel is letting Lucifer control everything and that’s not a good thing. Sam and Dean set a trap for Casifer in hopes to free Castiel. It backfires and Amara shows up. She takes Castiel and disappears. Now, the question is can Lucifer really stop her like he claims he can.




The Originals Episode: Behind the Black Horizon

Freya has been taken and is in the hands of the dangerous new threat to the Mikaelsons. Elijah, Finn, and Kol have to set aside their differences to find her before it’s too late. Mystic Falls is visited once again by vampires. This time it’s Elijah and Finn following a lead about Freya. Lucien is back and up to his old tricks. Klaus and Hayley work together to find out what Lucien’s motivation for one of his secret agendas. Kol’s behavior shift concerns Davina and what it means for their future together.


Grimm Episode: The Believer

Eve asks Nick and the others to help her keep Renard busy and in different locations as she becomes him to find out what exactly he knows. They are questioning whether or not they can trust Renard now. Is he working with Black Claw? I don’t believe he is or at least doesn’t know he is. I think he’s being manipulated by Black Claw because of a promise made to him about getting his daughter back. A preacher turns into a wesen in front of his congregation. It’s caught on film by someone in the audience and leads to a death. A group of people try to exorcise the devil out of the preacher which in the end causes his death.



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