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Legendarium TV Recap: Arrow, Supernatural, The Originals, and Grimm

Arrow Episode Beacon of Hope Green_Arrow_Stephen_Amell-42

Arrow Episode: Beacon of Hope

Brie Larvan, the Bug-Eyed Bandit, escapes from jail and shows up at Palmer Tech in Arrow episode: Beacon of Hope. She threatens to kill everyone in the building if she doesn’t get the bio-chip that is implanted in Felicity’s spine. Fans will remember her from The Flash. Felicity helped Barry capture her. Brie has had time on her hands in jail to create some robotic bees to use in her attack. Oliver and the team attempt to rescue Felicity and Thea. They are eventually rescued when the team gets help from Curtis who takes control of the bees. Damien Darhk receives a visit in prison from Malcolm.


Supernatural Episode: Red Meat

Sam and Dean battle a couple of werewolves that captured two victims. One of them is able to shoot Sam before Dean can react. Dean kills the werewolf and checks on the two victims. He takes the bullet out of Sam. They leave before any other werewolves can show up. They stumble across a cabin and take refuge in it before trying to make it out of the woods. Dean is forced to leave Sam behind. Dean tries to get back to the cabin to get Sam and everything seems to work against him. He’s ready to sacrifice himself again to make sure Sam lives. We see once again how strong the family bonds are with the brothers when each one of them is ready to sacrifice his life so the other one can live.


The Originals Episode: Alone with Everybody

Tonight’s return has the Mikaelson siblings fighting amongst themselves once again. Elijah stops Kol and Finn from killing each other when they come face to face at the compound. Kol has reason to want Finn dead. Finn was the one responsible for his death. Rumors are spreading about the remaining white oak bullet and where it might be. More foes show up in New Orleans, attempting to take Klaus down once and for all. Elijah urges his siblings to stay at the compound instead of going out and being seen. Marcel, Vincent, and Josh follow a lead involving a mystery vampire who may have the answers they’re looking for. Klaus and Hayley seek refuge with her former pack and find out some interesting news that involves the threat against them.


Grimm Episode: Skin Deep

A young woman who seems to age 70 years overnight is found lifeless by Nick and Hank. They find out she was using a new beauty regimen at the time of her death. It leads them to a local doctor who is being supplied with beauty ingredients by a photographer who is Wesen. Nick enlists Rosalee’s help to get the information they need to prove their case. They learn of the photographer’s involvement when they are confronted by him when he shows up at the doctor’s office with another jar of the stuff the doctor needs. Both are taken down before anyone gets hurt. Eve takes steps to learn more about Renard’s dealings with the people that had the mayoral candidate killed. 


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