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Legendarium TV Recap: “Arrow”, “Supernatural”, “The Originals”, and “Grimm”



The team deals with a new villain in town by the name of The Calculator. Roy shows up in Star City. Thea deals with the aftermath of her encounter with Damien Darhk and it’s not good. She has slipped into a coma. Nyssa makes her move. Felicity has come to terms with her situation and starts moving forward. Her father shows up at her presentation and seeks her after it’s over.



Claire, Jodi, and Alex make an appearance in the episode. Claire has called Dean and Sam about some strange things that seem to be happening in town. Jodi fills them in on how Claire has been getting into trouble with the law. She’s been hunting on her own and it’s not going well. A vampire is in town to get revenge against Alex because he blames her for what happened to him. Sam and Dean arrive to kill the vampires and get some help from Claire and Alex.

The Originals

The Originals

Klaus tries to get Cami under control and it’s not working. She’s decided that she likes being a vampire now and won’t let Klaus get in her way. Elijah forms an alliance with Aya because she has information on a weapon that everyone is trying to find. Davina makes a risky decision that she thinks will help bring Kol back. Hayley breaks down and lashes out at Elijah. Hayley and Cami have a talk about how she’s dealing with being changed into a vampire. If anyone can understand it would be Hayley.



Nick and Hank have a case which is bringing a lot of attention to any area. People believe it’s a lake monster that killed the victim. Trubel takes Nick to visit Eve and Meisner at the secured location that they are staying at. Meisner wants Nick to help them. Rosalee and Monroe get a visit from Trubel about the group of wesen they are trying to find and deal with. Rosalee has to deal with her past when it comes back to haunt her. Eve and Meisner have a discussion about Nick.

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