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Legendarium Recap: Mid-Season Finales for Arrow, Supernatural, The Originals and Grimm

Legendary Recap: Mid-Season Finales for Arrow, Supernatural, The Originals and Grimm by Diane Riggins

Oliver and the others are attacked while they are holding a clean up the bay rally with some of the citizens of Star City. Felicity finds out that her mother and Lance are dating. After the attack at the bay Oliver holds a press conference and tells the world about Damien Darhk, the Ghosts, and H.I.V.E. Damien does what he does best and goes after the team. This time he does it in front of the attendees at a Christmas party that Oliver is at. He takes Felicity and Thea hostage. Oliver, John, and Laurell try to figure out where they are. John talks to his brother again to try and get more information. Malcolm gives them the lead they need to find Damien. Oliver calls Damien and sets up a meeting. Oliver goes to meet him and Damien shows him a cell that chemicals are piped into that kills people. He tells Oliver his plans for the cell and for Star City. Oliver sees Felicity for a few minutes and then they are separated. She’s taken to the cell and locked in with John and Thea. Laurell and Malcolm show up before it’s too late and helps free them. Oliver asks Felicity to marry him and the car they are in is ambushed and attacked. Felicity is injured. Now we have to wait to see if she lives. We’ll find out the answer to that in mid-January when the show returns from hiatus.


Amara goes on a killing spree trying to get God’s attention. It doesn’t work in the beginning. Sam and Dean argue about the visions he’s having about Lucifer’s cage. Crowley brings in Rowena to help find a way for Sam to talk with Lucifer without going into the cage. Dean goes to investigate the killings and meets Amara again. While they’re talking Sam visits Lucifer and talks to him about The Darkness. He had tried to call Dean and tell him that they had found a way to talk to Lucifer but Dean didn’t answer. Sam is transported into the cage by Lucifer who gives him a choice. He either lets Lucifer use him as a vessel again or he stays trapped in the cage. Dean isn’t going to be happy when he finds out. Amara finally gets God’s attention and is surrounded by light. We have to wait until mid-January to find out Sam’s answer and what has happened to Amara.

The Originals
Elijah saves Rebekah and brings her back. Hayley and Jackson make up. He returns to town with her. Klaus and Cami argue about what happened to her. Tristan is trying to take over everything. He and Marcel have some disagreements about certain situations. Vincent vows to become regent of the witch coven. Freya is attacked and Jackson saves her. Cami receives a message about Will and rushes to see him. She enlists Klaus to help stop Will from killing himself. Rebekah and Hayley fight. Rebekah tries to attack Cami. They stop fighting with each other long enough to have a family Christmas party. After the Christmas party Rebekah forces Elijah to do something he vowed to never do. We’ll find out in mid-January what the fallout from the Rebekah and Elijah situation.

Attacks on local wesen in separate parts of town take place at the same time. Some are killed. One is kidnapped. He’s forced by the gang of wesen that holds him to tell them about Nick and the others. Trubel is having nightmares about what happened while she was gone. She and Nick talk some about it. Trubel and Adalind talk about Meisner. Monroe and Rosalee help Nick figure out who is attacking the wesen and what the sign that is always left behind means. Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Wu are led into a trap by the wesen that was kidnapped and one of the wesen that they had arrested. Rosalee warns them. Nick and the others listen as the wesen who have them trapped are killed. Nick goes to investigate and is attacked by one of the remaining wesen still alive. The wesen is killed as Nick watches. The person who killed the wesen walks out of the shadows and Nick sees who it is. Juliette is alive and seems to be working with Meisner. We’ll have to wait until mid-January to find out how Nick and the others deal with Juliette being alive and that she’s possibly working with Meisner

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